Visio Stencil for LGB Track

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Provides accurate and detailed objects for LGB track. In addition to straight track, 11000 series (R1), 15000 series (R2), 16000 series (R3) and 18000 series (R5) curved tracks are supported. 12000 series and 16000 switches are also included. The latest stencil (Visio 2007) was contributed by David Putnam. It is a great improvement over earlier stencils that I had developed. Thanks David!

Set the drawing scale to a value that permits your layout to fit on the paper size you're using. For example, if you set the drawing scale to a value of 1/2" = 1' you will be able to display a layout 17 ft. x 22 ft. on 8.5 x 11 in. paper. Avoid drawing scales smaller than 3/32" = 1' as track may not be drawn correctly.

Note: Download the zip file, unzip it and move the resulting .VSS file into the directory with your other stencils.

Click to download Visio Stencil for LGB Track for Visio 2007 or higher. About 200 KB

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