Simple Invoice Printer
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A few unsolicited comments from users ...

"Simple to set-up and use"
"The software is working great for me. I love it"
"Just what I was looking for, to a 'T'"
"Great program"
"Great product for small business and quick to learn"
"Just what I needed!"
"Great invoice software, installed and used right away, big savings for me"

"Very professional looking software"
"Now I'm able to create a packing sheet to add with all my shipments"
"I just love Simple Invoice. I have bought others but Simple is the best"
"Really simple to use"
"Perfect software, great value, beats spending $200"

Here is a Simple Invoice Printer, with the emphasis on simple!

My business is very small, so I created this software because I didn't want to invest in the money or learning time for sophisticated financial software. It has served me well, and is now working for hundreds of other satisfied users.

The program's objectives are very simple too: print single-page invoices and/or packing lists. Because of its simplicity it is quite easy to use. Even so, its flexibility permits a great deal of customization.

Features include:

Click a picture to see a larger view

The picture on the left shows the program screen, and the next picture shows the corresponding printed invoice

I've entered the name and address of my company at the top left of the screen. The program remembers this so I won't have to type it again. Then I entered the SOLD TO name and address. Since the SHIP TO was the same, I just clicked on the Same as SOLD TO button.

Next I entered the Purchase Order information at the top right. Instead of typing the date in the DATE field, I clicked on the Today button. Then I entered the information about the items sold.

I want to send a reminder about a past due account. So I click on the Show Past Due button (the name changes to Hide Past Due) and enter the amount. If the PRICE/PER column title is not appropriate, just enter different text. The column title is saved when you save a file.

I've created a logo for my invoices, and checked the Include logo box to show it on the printed page.

The Totals button performs all of the multiplication and addition functions for you.

In some cases, you may want a third column. I've clicked on the Show Column button (the name changes to Hide Column) and used the added column for referencing suggested prices.

This example also shows how sales tax is entered. I've clicked on the Show Tax button (the name changes to Hide Tax) and entered the tax rate and a title. The program remembers these items. Since the taxable amount was the same as the pre-tax total, I just clicked on the Same as TOTAL THIS INVOICE button.

I have also included a note for the customer.

This example shows an invoice with both a past due amount and a sales tax amount.

The program provides complete printing and file handling capability: Print, Print Preview and Print Setup as well as Open, Save and Save As.

If needed, a handy calculator is displayed if you press the Calculator button.

This last example shows a packing list. I've selected Packing List at the top of the screen instead of Invoice. Dollar amounts are not shown on packing lists.

I forgot to mention that any line in the heading can be printed in a bold or italic font if desired.

I think I've covered almost everything, and you can see why I call it a Simple invoice printer!

Saved Invoices Report

Tax Summary Report

Program requirements:
Windows Vista through Windows 10
Screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or greater
Information for Mac users

Please note: For the print preview feature to work correctly, your system font size must be set to Normal. This is sometimes called Default, 100% or 96 dpi. Unless you've changed this setting after getting your computer, you should not have a problem. A Help screen shows how to change this setting if necessary.

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After starting the program, look for the blue Help button

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