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Stan's Mini Fast Clock

New! Version 2.1
A Little Clock In a Corner of the Screen With Your Favorite Railroad Logo
Use It As a Fast Clock - or - Just Display the Current Time

The program displays a miniature clock which can run up to twenty-four times faster than real-time. This is useful for simulating lengthy operations within a manageable period of time. For example, at Speed = 12, an entire day transpires in two hours.


This shows the clock in its expanded configuration with the Fast Clock controls exposed.

By setting the speed to "1", the clock can also be used to display your computer's system time and date.

Click on the clock face, and it reduces to a small size. It's tiny enough to sit permanently in a corner of your screen, and can be set to be on top of the other windows on your desktop.

Click on the clock face again, and it changes to the expanded configuration.

Even if you don't use its fast clock capabilities, it's nice to have a clock with your favorite logo displaying the current time, or you may just want to watch the wall clock with its soothing, swinging pendulum.

An example of the clock with the Visibility control set to 50%.

You may want to see an activity that the clock is hiding

The Visibility range is from 1% to 100%

A few ten-second demos: Station Clock running at 4X speed: Video 1
Union Pacific Clock running at 6X speed: Video 2
Milwaukee Road Clock running at 12X speed: Video 3
Wall Clock always runs at normal speed: Video 4

Note: As its name implies, this is a Miniature Fast Clock program, designed to occupy as little space on the screen as possible.
My Fast Clock program, also on this web site, produces a full-size clock which fills the entire screen on many displays.

These 52 clock faces are all included, and you may change your selection at any time.
The clocks are shown actual size except the Wall Clock, which is reduced to better fit the page.

Program requirements:

Windows 7 through Windows 10
Screen resolution of 640 x 480 or greater
Information for Mac users

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