Margin Calculator

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The Easy and Elegant Way to Determine Cost, Margin and Sell Price

Both English and French Languages
Integrated Math Calculator
Multiple Memory Cells
All Fields Saved When Program Ends
Optional Added-Tax Field

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You can use Margin Calculator in any one of three modes. In the Basic mode, enter any two of the three available fields, and the program will calculate the third. In this example, I know Cost and Margin, and want to know the price to obtain that Margin. I've entered the two known parameters, and click Sell to determine it. Demo

Note that I used the integrated Math Calculator when determining Cost. Demo




The Extended mode adds fields for List and Discount. Sell has already been calcalated for us, and now we can either enter a desired List price or a Discount. In this case I've entered a list price, and the program shows what discount this represents based on the information determined earlier. Demo



The Added Tax mode adds Tax and Total Sell fields. This mode is useful for determining the total sell price when applying a tax such as VAT to either the sell or list price. The program bases this calculation on List if it is available, otherwise it is based on Sell. In this example, the program has applied an 8.80% tax to the list price. Demo



This shows how data is transferred between the Math Calculator and the Margin Calculator. It also illustrates how data can be saved in the memory cells for later use. To transfer data, double-click on any field. This copies that data to the box at the top of the screen. Then click on the cell you want to send the data to, and it's done! Demo

The contents of all fields are saved when you exit the program, and automatically loaded when you start it again.




An information screen can be called up at any time from the Help menu.

In addition to program information, it also provides instructions and helpful hints on use of the program.

Program requirements: Windows 95 or later. Screen resolution of 800 x 600 or greater.

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