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We arrived at Samedan, the town housing the RhB maintenance shops. It's about a 15 minute ride from St. Moritz

Inside the shops, Crocodile 412 has just been painted blue to match the Alpine Classic Pullman Express coaches. The loco made its first publlic appearance the next day for a special 75th anniversary trip

The locomotive was built in 1925!

Although the exterior has been freshly painted, the cab shows its age

The intricate running gear is being thoroughly lubricated

Another old locomotive is being carefully restored. It too has elaborate running gear

Its cab looks a little more up-to-date

The famous steam locomotive "Heidi" is being restored

The Alpine Classic Pullman Express coaches are also being prepared for the anniversary run. Special logos have been applied near each door

Outside the shops -

Some of the cars are antiques, and others are just passing through the station

This car is used to provide ventilation for crews working inside the many tunnels on the RhB

There was a constant flow of traffic in the yards

Back at the station for the return trip to St. Moritz