Bernina Express

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Chur to Tirano Italy

This part of the trip took a little over four hours

We were seated in a Panorama car for this portion of the trip. The visibility is great, but the windows don't open

It's quite possible to get nice photos through the windows

But in order to include more of the train in the photos, you need to stick the camera out of the window

Fortunately, the standard coaches were just behind us and, since the windows were open, they were used for some of the photos

Photo taken through the window; the reflection was sometimes unavoidable

One of the numbers has fallen off the sign. The altitude is 6,868 feet here

We're approaching the famous - and often photographed - circular viaduct near Brusio

Tirano to St. Moritz

This part of the trip took under three hours

Leaving Tirano after visiting for a few pleasant hours

We were seated in standard coaches on this portion of the trip. So it didn't require running up and down the train to get the best photos

The train wasn't crowded, so it was easy to go from one side of the coach to the other for your favorite view

We pass some of the same scenery as on the inbound train...

... and it's certainly worth seeing again!

That mountain air feels and smells so good!

Look at the size of that bell!

Approaching St. Mortiz