Arosa Express

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Chur to Arosa

Our Arosa Express comes out of the yard to pick us up

The locomotive is ready for its climb. The Chur station is at 2,000 feet elevation, and the Arosa Station is at 5,700 feet

We're ready to board

The train departed on-schedule at 10:08 AM

The mountains around Chur are seen through the train window as we leave the station

Arosa is only five miles away as the crow flies, and twelve miles by rail, but the beautiful trip takes a little over an hour

We arrive at Arosa at 11:09 AM

Looks good from both ends

Arosa to Chur

Our late-afternoon train back to Chur has an additional coach

We got off at the Chur city stop rather than the railway station as it was a downhill walk to the hotel from there