G-Scale Eye-Level Layout

Models of Swiss and German Locomotives and Cars

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Watch your head! The Eye-Level Layout is a forehead-level layout for some. But if you're 5 foot 6 inches tall - or less - you don't have to worry about it at all. The Eye-Level Layout has only about 32 feet of track. It's powered by the LGB MTS digital control system.

RhB Electric Locomotive 621, "Felsberg". This is one of 23 Ge 4/4 II electric locomotives that haul traffic on Switzerland's Rhätische Bahn. These locomotives feature the names and coats of arms of towns along the route. Number 621 is named after the town of Felsberg. Video.

RhB Tractor. Between 1957 and 1969, the Rhätische Bahn purchsed twelve of these "rail tractors" for light switching duties. In 1989 they were equipped with new 50 horsepower Cummins diesel motors. The tractors weigh about 10 tons. Video

Dynamite Car. The way the crates are stacked in there, it llooks like it could go off at any time. Just hope this car doesn't get bumped!

Gustav's Handcar. Gustav is the bearded track inspector that makes sure the track is in first-class condition. Behind him can be seen the car loaded with dynamite. Even though it is clearly marked with "Danger" signs, he has been known to back into it - with disasterous results! Video