Information about Custom Scales
Version 18.1 and Later

Handy Converter is provided with 18 built-in model railroading scales, ranging from 1:220 to 1:3.3. If your modeling scale is not among the built-in scales, you can enter your scale in the "Other" box in the lower-right corner of the scale selection list. The program will remember this entry so you will need to provide it only once.

In the example directly below, the scale of 1:13.7 has been entered in "Other".

Further customization is available if, for example, you use more than one scale that's not in the built-in scales. In fact, any - or all - of the scales in the scale selection list can be changed. The names of the scales can be modified as well.

This example shows that a scale of 1:1.23 has been substituted for a built-in scale, and given the name "Tom".

The best way to take advantage of this feature is to let me know what you'd like either at time of order or at any time in the future (as long as I'm alive, of course...). I will email a small patch file to you to copy into the program's installation folder. Changes are reversible if you want to return the program to its original configuration.

Please let me know if you need any additional information about this feature.