Train Controls

Analog and Digital Systems

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All train controls are located inside the Engineer's Desk. All components are from LGB. There are two distinct sections of the Overhead Layout: one section is controlled by LGB's version of Digital Command Control (DCC), known as the Multi-Train System (MTS). The other section is powered by traditional analog control. The Eye-Level layout is also controlled by the MTS system, while the Wall Layout has its own analog controls. The Desk Layout is controlled by an LGB 10340 Automatic Reversing Unit.

From left to right: One of the larger red units is an MTS type 2 central station, while the other is an MTS power extender. They are powered by the gray transformers below them. Next is a group of three power packs. The two on the left power the analog section of the Overhead Layout: one for the overhead catenary and the other for the rails. The third powers the auto-reversing unit. The remaining gray transformer powers the analog controls (see below) for the Wall Layout. The TV monitor shows the storage yard in the closet.

This control panel operates the Wall Layout. The analog throttle is a 5 amp panel mount unit. The right-most 20% of the track plan is a slightly different color to represent track located inside the closet. Yellow indicators show which blocks are powered. Green and red indiators show the position of the eight switches. Utilizing supplementary contacts on the switches, the lights provide positive indication of the switch position. A flashing-red LED is activated if the access bridge in the closet isn't in its locked position.