Using This Software on a Mac

This software runs on Microsoft Windows Vista through Windows 10. However, it can easily run on your Mac using one of the solutions shown below, all of which require that you have a copy of Microsoft Windows. Some versions of Windows are often available on eBay for about $50.

Of course, once you install one of these solutions on your Mac you will be able to run other Windows applications too.

Boot Camp: This Apple software is included with OS X 10.5 or later. Boot Camp is free, and it is easy to install. It creates a separate partition on your hard drive for Windows. Boot Camp Installation

Parallels Desktop for Mac: Parallels allows you to run one or more versions of Windows on your Mac. It retails for about $80, and can be found online for under $60. I have both Windows XP and Windows 7 on my Mac desktop using this software. Parallels Website

VMware Fusion: WMare is similar in concept to Parallels, with similar pricing. VMware Fusion